Project type: classic fashion illustration or styling of fashion project for paper/online version of fashion magazines

Work process: illustrating embodiment of any fashionable idea for fashion magazines, including paper and online versions. Materials for advertising/marketing in fashion magazine, content, illustrating fashion weeks and latest trends.

We work with various online platforms and publishing houses, creating for them both a complex projects and simple illustrations for text or illustrations for their social media. Fashion illustration as a direction in art, was born in collaboration with fashion magazines and was used just for it, when the photograph did not exist yet. Nowadays, such illustrations are a stylish accent in magazine content.

We are always interested to have a collaboration with the magazine, it kind of brings back the genre of fashion illustrations to its sources and the style of our illustrations is just made for this.

Recent work: Vogue Illustrations
Customer: Vogue China

Project type: illustrations for any book publication on a wide variety of topics.

Work process: the illustrations in the book are an important emotional factor affecting the reader, which has an aesthetic and semantic impact. Illustrations contribute to a better perception of texts of any complexity, helping to make a choice in favor of a publication.

We illustrate books on the ideas of the writer/editorial, inspired by the stories, text and plot of the book.

The theme of books we illustrate can be related to art, fashion, story about animals, flowers, people and others. In book illustrations, we draw anything, these are and small explanations of the text and entire pages where a dynamic picture is depicted, with a background and a whole plot.

Our customers can also request us a package for all the illustrations (charactets/scenery) of the book + all extra works included: front cover, back cover, bookmark, stickers, etc. Our clients are authors of fiction, stylists who make study books and even children's writers.

Recent work: Complex illustrating of a book about style
Customer: Lena Lipman