Event & Graphic design

Project type: event related illustrations and designs: invitations, holiday decorations, gifts, souvenirs

Work process: we make illustrations and designs for any type of event, used as invitation, decor, souvenirs and gifts.

Very often, our customers order an illustration of a couple as a wedding present, which keeps the memory of the most important day and looks stylish in the interior.

Also, companies and brands, along with business identities, order invitations and other commemorative souvenirs and decoration for one or another event related to the company’s activities.

Recent work: UNICEF Charity Dinner Invitation
Customer: Wolfers Jewelry

Project type: illustrated contents and graphic design for online and printed advertising and marketing.

Work process: in our studio we create on demand illustrated contents and graphic design for marketing and advertising campaigns in a more global way and not just artworks made solely for use on social media.

Including fashion illustrations and graphic designs for packaging, advertisements for companies to be used for visibility on fashion magazines and artworks ready to be printed and to be used wherever the customer needs commercial visibility as an advertisement.

Furthermore, our illustrated contents and designs are requested by the brands for the creation of the most classic graphic design products for business advertisements, such as logos, business cards, catalogs, website designs (both for the site itself and for site restyling), invitations for events.

Our digital fashion illustrations and our graphic designs are particularly suitable for advertisement and social marketing, precisely because of their digital nature since their birth, which makes them easily adaptable even during working processes to all contexts and individual needs of the customer and his specific advertising campaign.

Especially because it is possible to change the elements of what is already drawn when the project development needs it. This is the beauty of the digital :)

Recent work: Annual jewelry catalogue
Customer: Wolfers Jewelry