Frequently asked questions
from customers and partners

Does studio AhVero work exclusively digital?

The team AhVero, as global artists, create digital art and classic art as well. By order Veronika and her team accept works in digital method ONLY.

The studio AhVero fashion illustration is permanent located in St. Petersburg and does business mainly online.

What tools and apps do you use in your work?

Illustrations are created with a graphic tablet (Wacom) in Photoshop application or with iPad pro using the Procreate app.

For additional designs we use the entire software package of Adobe, 3ds Max and Corel Draw.

How can I get the digital fashion illustration?
What about a paper copy of fashion illustration?

All our illustrations are created directly in digital, so we send the artwork to the customer by email, in the size and format requested, in high resolution.

There are 2 variants to get AhVero illustrations also in printed versions:

1) you can order directly from us the illustration, and you will receive a digital copy in your email in high resolution and with the requested proportions. All AhVero illustrations are created directly digitally. So what we send you online is the original illustration that is ready to print at your place. It is the fastest and most reliable method, as you don't wait a long time for a physical sending from different countries

2) if you want to receive it as a printed Wall Art, here you can buy directly the AhVero artworks that you prefer ready&printed: https://www.icanvas.com/canvas-art-prints/artist/ahvero?product=canvas&sort=popular

What are the technical parameters of a digital illustration?

About the size, a standard fashion illustration is:

- 50x50cm
- 50x70cm
(depending on proportion)

other variants:

- 100x100cm (100x120cm)*
- 200x200cm (200x230cm)*


The resolution is 300dpi.

Fashion illustrations are made in raster graphics only (not vectorial).

When I receive the final result of illustration?

About the time of delivery, usually each illustration is completed and sent in no more than 3 days after accepting the work and receiving the agreed payment.

If I am a clothing brand,
can I produce a real garments having an illustration from you?

We create the classic fashion illustration and not the technical drawing.

Depending on the type of garment to produce, sometimes our fashion illustration is enough for manufactory to start the production of the finished form of garment, without the need of a technical drawing, and it is possible to send our final result directly to the manufactory.

In this case, all the process from start to the end can be completed by our studio.

When, instead, the idea of design of the garment is more complicated and with many details, after the first step with us (classic fashion illustration to visualize the concept of the outfit) it is necessary to make also the technical drawing with a specialist of it (giving him our digital fashion illustration), before sending both final results to the manufactory for the production.

Because, in any case, no great technical drawing for production can be done without making a fashion illustration at the start of the project :)

How can I use AhVero works for commercial purposes?

After completing the work, by request we send also the commercial/original license of the work, including all the usage rights (commercial, exclusive, etc) for the brand of our customer.

By request, we also send our standard agreement not to share informations regarding projects/collections of our customers before marketing launch.

Both are standard procedures in our work.