Clothes Illustrations

Project type: classic fashion illustration of clothes couture & ready-to-wear / dresses / shoes / sweatsuits / swimwear / sportswear / underwear / accessories on the model or as single item.

Work process: we work with every specific type of product of the clothing line for women, men and children. We work both with interesting projects of start-up brands and with established brands. Our fashion illustration is intended to visualize the conceived outfit, as it will look like in his finished form.
We work on the fashion illustrations in 2 possible ways, depending from the needs of our client:

1) illustrate the customer’s fashion ideas, following precisely the customer’s requests and turning their ideas into visual content. The samples are illustrated in detail, ready for the future production. We work with couture, ready-to-wear and accessories of clothing brands/fashion houses/accessories brands, that turned to us to see their imagination transposed in reality.
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About the poses of outfit in the fashion illustration, there are 3 possible poses to choose from the same outfit: 1-front, 2-side, 3-back. For the visualizationof the concept,
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Along with illustrations of clothes, we also create sketches of shoes, bags, hats, swimsuits and other accessories. Illustrations are created according to our ideas and ideas of our customers.

About the time of delivery, usually each piece of the collection is completed and sent to the customer in no more than 3 days after the work is accepted and the agreed received. Otherwise, if the fashion illustrations are needed faster for production reasons or for a marketing launch, it is possible to create a fashion illustration, complete it and send it to the customer in 24 hours.

Regarding the real production of the clothes illustrated,
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Recent work: Martina Rossi collection
Customer: Martina Rossi

Project type: stylish contents for various social platforms / advertising campaigns / booklets / catalogs / lookbook / presentation materials.

Work process: as for more specifics and particular need of advertising/marketing dedicated to those who work in the garments field, the presentation materials for clothing brands are, most often, various booklets, catalogs and presentations of a new collection or a whole line of clothing. Fashion designers, clothing brands and fashion houses often need to visualize their new ideas in terms of fashion illustration, presented in the form of a full-fledged presentation of their fashion ideas.

Some of them are just starting the line and need a pre-marketing company, some works exclusively on order and wants to beautifully present their ideas to their customers. Often, a lookbook created from illustrations is a new and interesting form of brand presentation.
Illustrations can also be used for marketing variations of a dress before producing it. This concept is very convenient if the production of the dress is tailored and expensive as it is possible to show to the customer the dress in various colors that can be chosen before production. We work with interesting projects of start-up brands as well as with established brands.

Furthermore, in our time, the most popular advertising orders for clothing brands are various content for social platforms and various forms of online advertising. We like this idea,
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Our services, for clothing brands and for fashion houses, who contact us, include:

  • Illustrated and designed content to post on instagram, facebook and other platforms supporting the overall brand concept
  • Stylish content for posts in stories/highlights

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Recent work: Instagram Stories
Customer: Ralph and Russo